Transfer day!

Our previous blog was about medical tests, contracts and medication, but also about planning the transfer! Friday, March 13th should be our lucky day!

Melissa had to get out early to travel to Toronto. She herself lives in a city about 2 hours away from Toronto. The transfer was scheduled at 1pm (6pm our time). She promised us to send pictures all day, so it feels a bit like we were there with her.

All day I was so nervous! Would it finally happen? We couldn’t imagine that maybe in 9 months a little Bari (or Riba) will come into the world!? Like any other day we are almost non-stop in contact with Melissa and so we were able to follow her all day and this really helped to handle the nerves.

As mentioned, the transfer was scheduled at 6pm our time. We thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate this moment and go out for dinner together (we stil could do that before the restaurants had to close because of Corona). Melissa works at CFC and had already warned us that the doctor usually is running late. A restautrant reservation at 7:45pm should be sufficient (I thought). Eventually Melissa had to wait until 8:15pm (2 hours and 15 minutes late!) before she could go in.

The procedure does not take much longer than a few minutes. We were in the restaurant continuously checking our phones (this time it was allowed) if there was any news. And then there was the moment when we received the movie and the pictures!

Embryo transfer

How incredibly special! I can watch the video over and over again and it never gets dull! In the video, the doctor says that the embryo looks great and that the embry is already hatching. Hatching means that the embryo comes out of the ‘egg’ and is ready for implantation in the uterus.

After the transfer, Melissa checked into the hotel and rested the afternoon and had a lovely long night. Saturday morning (for her) we had a lovely Skype call. Skyping with Melissa is always nice and we have always so much to talk about. And this time it was even more special, because it was nice to hear how she experienced the transfer and she might be actually pregnant!!!!

Hatching embryo
First picture!

We are now almost two weeks later and it is waiting for the blood work to confirm the pregnancy. Super exciting!! A blessing in disguise, I work from home because of the new coronavirus , so my colleagues do not have to suffer from my nerve outbursts ;-). I’ll keep you posted!!!!

Watching intrigued video