On cloud nine!

In the previous blog I haven’t been entirely honest. I explained that we have to wait for the blood work to confirm the pregnancy. However, Melissa has been doing pregnancy tests since the fourth day and they were positive!

Pregnancy test on day 7 after transfer

Because of the pregnancy tests, we already knew that the transfer had succeeded and that Melissa is pregnant. However, we are also very cautious. It’s all so early and the blood tests could have had different results, too.

Last Wednesday, March 25, early in the morning, Melissa went for her first beta blood tests. The results should be in the same evening. It is important that the results indicate an HCG value higher than 100. A value below 100 would indicate a non-viable pregnancy.

Luckily we were still awake when the test results came in, with an HCG value of 319! This is really good! Is this really happening!? We can’t cheer too soon, because 48 hours later the value has to be tested again and then this value must be doubled at least, otherwise this may again indicate an non-viable pregnancy.

On Friday morning, Melissa was supposed to go for her second test. And again the wait for the results. The test results came in Wednesday at 9:05pm our time. We hoped this second test will came in on the same time? We couldn’t hold it anymore and neither did Melissa. Every minute that went by, I tended to ask if there was any news (as if Melissa wouldn’t let us know right away). Until the moment when the most nerve wrecking messages came in….

The values had risen to 785 and had therefore more than doubled! We can now officially say that we are pregnant! November 28, 2020 is the due date and now is the wait for the first ultrasound. As mentioned above, everything is still very early and, as with any other pregnancy, the first 12 weeks are very precarious (and I think that never goes away 😉 ) so we still have to be very cautious, but for now we are on cloud nine, so excited and happy!!

Hopefully the current situation (Corona) allows us to go to Canada very soon to attend the ultrasounds and to finally meet Mellisa in real life!