Things can change fast!

During our journey to parenthood we have encountered it before: Sometimes nothing happens for months and suddenly everything accelerates. Last Monday we received the e-mail: finally another surrogate profile!

We were immediately excited. Would this be the woman who want to helps us to become parents? We immediately asked our case specialist at CFC (the surrogate agency) to forward our (video) bio. After a few hours there came the redeeming answer, this woman also wants to be introduced to us! We couldn’t be happier. After a few months of silence we are making progress!

It just happens this woman is no stranger to us. She also works for CFC (the surrogate agency) and she was the support person for our first surrogate. Who would have thought our paths would cross again. After the introduction mail we immediately switched to WhatsApp. There was an instant connection and we have non-stop contact since then.

On Wednesday evening we skyped for 1.5 hours and there were no akward moment. It’s very special to experience such a connection with someone you didn’t know before and who lives 6000km away from you. Thursday morning when we woke up we got the picture below, with the Dutch text: “Ik wil dolgraag jullie draagmoeder zijn” ( I would absolutely love to be your surrogate). Better our day couldn’t start!

The good news: I’d love to be your surrogate mother!

We really want this woman to be our surrogate too! She’s married and has two lovely children. She’s been a surrogate before and she works at CFC. Therefore she knows what surrogacy means like no other.

We’ve only been in touch for a week, but it already feels so familiar. We therefore believe everything will be fine. It’s now waiting for the clinic, blood work and the lawyers. We will keep you posted!