Baby steps

It has taken a while, but we have finally been able to make some progression and that is why there is food for a new blog! In The previous blog I wrote that after the struggles we had with the eggdonor we had chosen a new eggdonor. Unfortunately, this donor was also not able to proceed, because the donor was “forgotten” that she couldn’t do two retrievals at the same time.

But the tide seems turned! After browsing the egg donor database back and forth , a new donor came available. She just finished another cycle. We fell in love with this profile and immediately informed the eggdonor agency that we would like to continue with this donor.

Just after we made our choice, we had the opportunity to meet our intermediary for the IVF clinic. He was a couple of days in Amsterdam and we could plan a meeting with him at the W-Hotel. We could ask all our questions and we could also discuss our struggles and insecurities.

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During this meeting, it was very nice that the intermediary contacted the clinic to get the most up-to-date status. So our eggdonor seems to have already done her medical tests! We would receive the results the next week.

From the moment of medical clearance, the whole process has been rapidly accelerated! We received the “donor contract” on June 11th and passed and signed the same evening with our Canada lawyer. This was the starting signal for the clinic to plan the treatment appointments. So Last Wednesday (June 19th) We were told that the treatments were started and the expected retrieval date is the first of July. We are so excited!

Now fingers crossed that everything goes well and mother nature (with a little help) does her job. And we hope that there will be enough good egg cells and our sperm is of good quality, so we can get good quality embryos from both of us.

If everything goes well, we can continue with the next steps as of July. Searching for a surrogate!

Hopefully soon food for a new blog!